Litter "E"

DOB: 01.01.2009

Queen: Pussy Solar Jungle

Male: Ch.Queenly Siri Jungle



1. Eva Pussy Cat Dikama (SIA n)

femal (seal-point)


(Owner: Venera Nechta, cattery "Glamour Style", Moscow)

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2. Evrydike Pussy Cat Dikama (ORI n)

Female (ebony)


(Owner: Tatiana Sherbak, Staryi Oskol)


3. Elvis Pussy Cat Dikama (ORI n)

male (ebony)


(Owner: Victoria, Moscow)

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4. Enik Pussy Cat Dikama (ORI n 25 03)

male (black ticked with white)


(Owner: Anna Ivanovskaya, Vladivostok)

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5. Elfi Pussy Cat Dikama (ORI n 25 03)

Male (black ticked with white)


(Owner: Eleonora Paskhover, Paris)

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